Its all about Seymour

A quick outline of what is needed to know.

An introduction to Lego simple machines using the 9689 kit.

This follows 20 exercises from the Lego Dacta series, kit number 1030

A simple guide to how to program using algoritms not code

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What is  NQC

Not Quite C a structured programming language written especially for the Lego RCX brick. It is an alternative to the LabView software that comes with the RCX. It is viable for several LEGO MINDSTORMS products including the RCX, CyberMaster, and Scout. NQC's syntax is very similar to the C programming langauge, so experienced C programmers (and Java programmers) should find it very easy to get started with. Even if you aren't an experienced programmer, NQC is relatively easy to learn.