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        What is makey-makey?

        The MaKey MaKey is a collaborative project between Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum of the MIT Media Lab, and SparkFun Electronics.

        It's an invention kit that encourages people to find creative ways to interact with their computers, by using every day objects as a replacement for keyboards and mice.

        With the MaKey MaKey, you could replace your space key with a banana, use play-doh to move and click your mouse, or high-five your best friend to advance PowerPoint slides.

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          Getting started

          makey makey

          Installing makeymakey

          Once MM is set up, it works using electricity. Electricity flows from positive to ground. 

          The idea is you have to complete the circuit and the MM board assigns a key press to it.

          You can use this to control the mouse on a keyboard.

          Later, we will investigate Arduino.

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            Your first go

            Load up an arcade game like Pacman.

            Pacman is one of the first commencial arcade games ever played on the computer.

            You can make a Pacman controller using Makey Makey.

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              Makey Makey and Scratch

              When you write your code, you can start by using a key pressed command. 

              Makey Makey can be configured to start by any key on the keyboard.

              makey makey
              Try out other experiments using the Makey Makey web site.
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                A Fun Project

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                  Makey Makey and Arduino

                  a How to build a using Arduno Leonardo.
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