Topic outline

  • Arduino introduction


    A short intro to Arduino

  • Topic 1

    What is Arduino

    • Topic 2

      The Board

      • Topic 3

        Open source

        The open source community are groups of like minded people who share a philosophy  and work together collaboratively on projects. they then publish what they have done for anybody to use and modify.

        Of course, there are some rules. However the community have produced some stunning examples of software and more recently are producing open source hardware. And then there are 3d printers.


        Here a some famous examples of opensource software you may be familiar with.




        Reflect a moment about what this means. Can you copyright your own genes? What about food? Can genetically modified food be copyrighted?

        • Topic 4

          Some examples

          There are many examples of successful Arduino projects.

          The Fukishima nuclear disaster occured in Mardch, 2011. An earthquake hit Japan and the nuclear reactor'c cores were breached. It has longterm concequences for the country.

          The members of the London hackspace made portable radiation detectors so the local population could monitor the background radiation in and around Fukushima.

          The project :London hackspace

          Perth hackerspace : the Artifactory

          Perth hackerspace : the West Coast Makers


          Other projects


          • Topic 5

            Prototype on a Breadboard

            • Topic 6

              First exercise : Blink

              Go to the Arduino website. Read through the home page


              Download the software, connect up the board to your machine.


              Look in your Arduino program. In File > Examples> 01. Basics load a file called blink and make sure everything is connected.

              This is the first exercise as outlined in the Sparkfun Inventors Kit.


              • find
              • downoad and install any drivers required
              • download and installĀ  IDE (Integrated development Environment)(opposite)
              • familiarise yourself with IDE
              • familiarise yourself with a sketch
              • download a sketch into an Arduino
              • modify the sketch

              • Topic 7

                Kids of any age can dig it


                • Topic 8

                  Discovering computers

                  Students will be invited to find redundant computers around the school, bring them to a central place then dismantle them to to find the component parts.

                  Other activities
                  • dismantle a hard drive to remove rare earth magnets
                  • dismantle a cdrom drive to remove motors, gears and parts
                  • install Linux operating system on a test machine
                  • investigate a Raspberry pi computer (pi) as an example of a tiny machine
                  tux Other activities
                  • get a machine to boot from a USB drive using a flavour of Linux (Ubuntu).
                  • learn some simple command line commands in Linux
                  • Topic 9

                    Shaloni's makerspace


                    • Topic 10

                      obama learns to code