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  • Topic 1

    The roughbot

    A new idea whereby the chassis of your robot is replaced with what ever comes to hand.

    This one has all the basic components, microprocessor, motors, motor driver and power, Oh, and wheels.

    A bricoleur will use whatever comes to hand.

    butter box robot
    • Topic 2

      Adapting what is to hand

      radio robot

      Here is an image of a mashup of three things.

      1. A cheap assembling Mechano car purchased for a few dollars at a swap meet. It has a wireless interface.

      2. The front sports a reversing camera from Ebay. It is the kind you get in cars and connects to a device that sends the signal toa monitor.

      3. Wishful thinking, but the plan was to mount the robotic arm onto the chassis.

      • Topic 3

        Falcon flyer

        This is a beauty. Made from recycled core flute board with motor and gears salvaged from and old disk drive.

        Note the groovy wheels

        • Topic 4

          Repurposed R/C car

          Just the thing to run drinks around the pool on Christmas day!
          • Topic 5

            Lego/Arduino interface

            The French word "bricolage" means to tinker. It did not take long for enthusiasts to mash up the two platforms together.

            With the advent of "fake Lego" being available in stores, very cheaply, there is nothing preventing you from drilling holes for zip ties, gluing bricks together or replacing expensive Lego components for cheaper knock offs.

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