first step


i have spent the last week dragging out my old nxt and doing some reading.
when dealing with students, i usually use my moodle site
our stuff is in the mindstorms folder.
if you spend half an hour, and look through my site, you can get a flavour of what i am about.
i also need to check with your mum this is all ok. we live in funny times.
so far i have
  • got a couple of damaged nxt's to work
  • downloaded software and got it running on my machine
  • upgraded the firmware on the nxt's
  • found a basic robot we can make 
  • bought a crimper and made some dodgy cables 
my objective is to keep updating my numbat site with what we have achieved.
  • get a computer
  • get a 6 batteries
  • get your nxt kit
  • load the software
  • run a simple program
i suspect you are smart enough to do that
a couple of hints
get a buddy to help you. kids work better in groups and when it suits them
when dealing with lego, you need be organised. 3sort lego into a system. bunnings have a number of solutions including combination boxes
when playing with lego, do it on a blanket. then, when finished, pick u the four corners and pour into storage tub
at the end of each session, remove at least one or all the batteries from the brick. many a brick has been ruined by kids leaving batteries to leak over time.
your first objective is to get the infrastructure set up
load software run a simple program to get a motor running
let me know when you have finished these tasks, then we will each start to build a robot. 
also, peruse google and youtube for a simple project we could both concider.
hear from you soon
Last modified: Saturday, 7 March 2020, 1:07 PM